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Goku-KameHameHa Goku-KameHameHa

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You grow up soo fast xD

I remember when you couldn't even make a square move across the stage with a motion tween xD
Anyways I salute you sir. That Kingdom Hearts thing is still in the works. I'll be sure to inform you when I get it uploaded.
I salute you sir!
What I do suggest is increasing the frame rate. It seemed a little jumpy with the clothes and hair. But syncing with the audio was well done.

Fulmetal75 responds:

Ha! i remember that too! Every 2 seconds i was like " do you do this?"
" How did you do that" ect ect
Yeah i just wanted to do a quicky so i didnt up the frame rate. i will though.
The audio was kind of a hassle. 7 different sounds.

Odysseus: Ep1 The Sirens Odysseus: Ep1 The Sirens

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was too great

I NEVER write reviews but I found this too funny not to. I'm a fan of greek mythology and I liked the Odyssey. The style itself just adds humor to an already funny twist on the story. All in all great job. Hope to see episode 2 soon.

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: Contest Entry : : Contest Entry :

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy Begeezus

I'm still workin on my submission -___-' But this is like... WAY better than mine xD But I'll go ahead and upload mine sometime. I'm givin this a 10 because of Yusuke's expression :D I'm betting that you win this contest for sure! My interaction isn't really creative but hey, can't blame someone for trying right xD

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Kero-the-boy-killer responds:

I bet your submission will be great!~ <3 God people really need to up their confidence, all i've been getting is comments about how good my drawing is and how much their drawing sucks and that i crushed their dreams D:

Personally, i think i've seen MUCH better ideas that have been submitted instead of my own. But good luck the same to everyone >w<